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    Caserta ( is the capital of the province of Caserta, that is the northern part of Campania region, and is located 40 km far from Napoli (Naples), the capital of the region. The modern city originated from fortifications in IX century A.D., but its origins date back to IX century B.C., as before IX century, the main settlement, now the medieval town of Casertavecchia (, Italian National Monument, was located uphill for defensive reason. The area, including the close cities of Capua and Santa Maria Capua Vetere, has a long history, that left a rich heritage, including the Roman Anphitheatre in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, the medieval city center of Capua and plenty of valuable churchs and remains also in surrounding towns and villages. In XVI century population moved to the area of the modern city, giving an impulse to its development, that culminated with the choice of the city as location for the new Royal Palace ( by the Bourbons kings of Napoli, which construction started in 1752, that still characterizes the city and represents its most famous symbol, and that is popular in the movie industry, as it has been chosen as location for many movies, including "Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace", "Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones", "Angels & Demons" and "Mission: Impossible III". The Royal Palace is also famous for its gardens, with their waterfalls, lakes and gardens, as well as the very famous English garden.
    Visitors of Caserta must see the four most outstanding historical locations, that are the aforementioned Royal Palace, Casertavecchia, the Vanitelli Aqueduct and the Belvedere Reale di San Leucio (, a monumental complex including the museum of silk production, that was the home of the utopistic community of Ferdinandopoli, an attempt by King Ferdinand of founding a modern community in which the private residence of the King, the royal silk factory and modern houses for workers, who were granted a very advanced welfare, formed a social unit with different laws in the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment.


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