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    The SDA 2020 workshop will be delayed until next year (2021) as a result of the coronavirus crisis. 




    Symbolic Data Analysis Workshop 2020 - SDA2020

    (from Diday, E. 2018: "New Advances on the Symbolic Data Analysis Framework: Basic Theory, Explanatory Criteria, Improving Machine Learning, New Directions of Research", SDA 2018 Workshop)

    "In Data Science the aim is to extract new knowledge from Standard, Big, and complex data. Often these data are unstructured with variables defined on different kinds of units. They can also be multi-sources (as mixtures of numerical and textual data, with images and networks). In order to study the most relevant units, to reduce the size, the complexity and to increase the efficiency of the models associated with such data, a key solution is to use aggregate classes of row statistical units, which are considered as new statistical units. & The aim of SDA is first to build a symbolic data table from classes and then to extend all the methodology of Data science to such data."

    Aims and scopes

    The 8th Workshop on Symbolic Data Analysis, SDA 2020, will take place in Caserta, Italy, from June 11th to June 12th, 2020, locally organized by the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Campania "L. Vanvitelli".
    The SDA 2020 Workshop continues to follow the spirit of the previous editions held in Vienna, Namur, Madrid, Taipei, Orleans, Ljubljana, and Viana do Castelo, respectively, and aims at being a place where the symbolic community can share research results and experiences, encouraging cooperation between participants.

    This edition aims at doing a step forward in sharing experience with other scientific communities facing the problem of the statistical treatment of complex or unconventional data. In this perspective, the symbolic community is happy to meet the "Object-oriented data Analysis" (OODA) community, a relatively new field of statistical research where the unconventionality of the data, represented, for example, by functional data, curves, landmark-based shapes or complex objects, and its treatment is related to the impossibility of considering such object into a Euclidean space (with all the effects on its statistical methodological problems).

    The workshop will include oral presentations showing recent developments, from a theoretical or methodological point of view, practical applications, and new software tools.

    Main Topics

    The main topics of the oral presentations should cover at least one of those in the following list

    • Aggregation tools to obtain symbolic data from standard or OO data
    • Exploratory data analysis tools for symbolic and OO data
    • Inference methods for symbolic and OO data
    • Spatial, temporal and Spatio-temporal methods extended to symbolic and OO data
    • Applications of symbolic and OO data analysis
    • Open problems involving Data Science and the use of SDA or OODA tools
    • SDA and OODA: points in common and differences for knowledge extraction
    • New software tools for SDA and OODA


    Program Committee


    Name Surname Institution Country
    Antonio Irpino (Chair) University of Campania L.Vanvitelli ITALY 
    Javier Arroyo University Complutense  SPAIN
    Vladimir Batagelij University of Ljubljana  SLOVENIA
    Lynne Billard University of Georgia USA
    Paula Brito Universidade do Porto PORTUGAL
    Chun-Houh Chen Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica TAIWAN
    Francisco De Carvalho Universidade Federal de Pernambuco BRAZIL
    Edwin Diday Université de Paris IX-Dauphine FRANCE
    Richard Emilion University of Orléans FRANCE
    D.S. Guru University of Mysore INDIA
    Carlo Lauro Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II ITALY
    J. Steve Marron University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill USA  
    Masahiro Mizuta Hokkaido University JAPAN
    Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture Université de Namur BELGIUM 
    Oldemar Rodriguez University of Costa Rica COSTA RICA
    Anuradha Roy The University of Texas at San Antonio USA
    Scott Sisson University of New South Wales AUSTRALIA
    Rosanna Verde University of Campania L.Vanvitelli ITALY 
    Huiwen Wang Beihang University CHINA  


    Local organizing committee

    • Antonio Irpino
    • Antonio Balzanella
    • Elvira Romano
    • Fabrizio Maturo
    • Mauro Iacono

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