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    26.09.2019 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


    «Water vapor continuum absorption in the terahertz spectral region»

    (giovedì 26 settembre, ore 15:00)


    The terahertz spectral region offers great potential for astronomy and atmospheric science. This frequency range covers the major part of the pure rotational band of the water molecule. In addition to rovibrational absorption lines, water vapor exhibits a continuum absorption which has been measured in several infrared regions and in the microwave, but which has been poorly studied in the far IR. Even though the continuum is several orders of magnitude weaker than absorption at the center of absorption lines, its integrated contribution to the total atmospheric absorption is significant and exceeds the contribution of other greenhouse gases. In spite of a long term history of its theoretical and experimental investigation, the origin of the water vapor continuum absorption remains poorly understood. In the frame of this work, experimental data on water continuum absorption was obtained using Fourier transform spectrometer and SOLEIL synchrotron radiation. This data is of particular interest for understanding the origin of the continuum absorption and for atmosphere remote sensing modeling. 

    I seminari rientrano nel ciclo di lezioni previste per il corso di Spettroscopia Laser del Dottorato di Ricerca in Matematica, Fisica e applicazioni per l'Ingegneria - 34° ciclo. 

    Il proponente

    Antonio Castrillo

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